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The Phire Charger is a new tool to help wildland firefighters keep their devices charged in the field.  Our phones have become an indispensable  part of our gear, but they’re useless when the battery dies and you’re a mile or two away from your rig.  These are designed to use a spare battery, that you’re already carrying around.  In a real pinch, you could use some AA’s in your clamshell.

Beta testing is still ongoing.  Each Phire Charger, so far, is 3D printed and assembled in my garage.  This is quite time consuming.  The ultimate goal is to go to injection molding, or some other form of mass production.  Mass producing these things would be costly, both in time and money.

My plan moving forward is to make minor changes to design and production process, but I’ll likely only make a few here and there to hand out to folks I work with.  If there was sufficient interest, I may consider increasing the amount of effort (read that as $$) I put into the project.  If interested, fill out the interest form at the top of the page, and I’ll see how it goes.